00 – The Broken Elevator

It’s finally here folks, the first episode of The Broken Elevator! And I’m just as nervous as you think I sound in this episode.

This is also the first of a weekly writeup, where I’ll add footnotes, corrections and extra info for any interesting facts you might want to read up on, as well as providing actors’ names which we will, definitely & regularly forget.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar Speech: Just like we 100% predicted, Leo finally got his Oscar.

Breaking Bad‘s Star Trek Pitch: Wumi mentions Season 5 Episode 9 of Breaking Bad, where comic relief characters Badger and Skinny Pete talk about their ideal episode of the classic Star Trek series. You can also read this article, which overthinks the meaning of that story in the show.

That’s all there is for this week. The full episodes will be released weekly from Sunday, and I promise there’ll be a LOT more mistakes to write about. And facts too, I guess.

If you want to learn a bit more about us, you can check out our ‘Hosts & Guests‘ page – which only has Hosts at the moment, but I like to think positive.



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