31 – Attack the Block 2

Deeby’s away for the first time this week, but we’ve brought our friend and Writer/Director Moses in for an episode.


Here’s some extra stuff I’ve got this week:

  • Here’s Moses’ short film, Artificial Romance, the short film directed by Moses.
  • When someone mentions “British Time Travel”, my mind doesn’t immediately go to Doctor Who like a normal person, I think about Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel, an underrated comedy from 2009 starring Chris O’Dowd and Anna Faris. It’s definitely worth a watch.
  • At some point between Attack The Block and The Force Awakens, John Boyega was set to star in a Spike Lee boxing Drama. The television series, Da Brick, was inspired by Mike Tyson’s youth and would have had Boyega playing a young man released from juvenile hall and adapting to “post-racial” America. The pilot was passed over by HBO.
  • So we all know what John Boyega’s up to right now, but what about the rest of his gang?
    • Franz Drameh (Dennis) is currently starring in Legends of Tomorrow and the other CW/DC TV shows as Jax, one half of the superhero Firestorm.
    • Alex Esmail (Pest) has been in a couple of short films since Attack The Block – which was his first film. His most recent feature role was in 2014’s Northern Soul.
    • Simon Howard (Biggz) was in Green Street 3: Never Back Down in 2013.
    • Leeon Jones (Jerome) hasn’t been in anything else, and he may have edited his own Wikipedia page.
    • Sammy Williams and Michael Ajao (Probs & Mayhem) have both had steady work in British TV since their debuts in Attack The Block.

That’s all for this week. Thanks again to Moses for coming in this week.

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Next week, we’re getting spooooky.


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